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Pentax Manual Focus Film SLRs - Pentax Pentax Film Cameras. The ME is perfectly happy exposing for much longer than its rated 8 seconds if you're shooting at nht. Dec 11, 2013. Pentax camera review database with reviews of Pentax DSLRs and film SLRs as well as cal specifications.

Pentax K1000 35mm SLR Film Camera with 50 mm lens Kit eBay It has aperture-preferred automatic electronic exposure control. They read OVER and UNDER, and 1/1,000 to 8 seconds. Take both color and black-and-white pictures when you use this Pentax K1000 35mm SLR film camera with 50mm lens kit. It offers everything a photographer.

Pentax ZX-M 35mm SLR Camera Kit w/ 35-80 Lens. It helps me keep adding this old stuff to this site when you get yours through these links, thanks! The Pentax ME is a classic late 1970's basic 35mm film SLR. You focus and pick the aperture, and the Pentax ME picks the shutter speed automatiy. I shot a 36-expsoure roll of Fuji Velvia in an hour and had a blast. The finder has a line of LED dots that lht next to the corresponding shutter speeds. Pentax ZX-M 35mm SLR Camera Kit w/ 35-80 Lens Slr Film Cameras Camera & Photo.

Pentax MX - Pentax Manual Focus Film SLRs - Pentax Camera. I'd get mine at these direct links to it at Adorama or at e Bay. Pentax MX camera reviews and specifications. The Pentax MX was introduced in 1976 as a pro-caliber all-manual workhorse SLR camera. It was very c.

Pentax cameras - pedia The Pentax ME was a direct competitor to the Nikon EM. This article discusses the cameras – mainly 35 mm SLRs – manufactured by Pentax. Film rewind crank, likewise a first for 35 mm SLRs. Instant mirror return.

Pentax Model 'ME' 35mm Film Camera With 50mm f. Even the model names are the same, spelled backwards. It's much smaller and more solid than dital camera users would presume. Pentax Model 'ME' 35mm Film Camera With 50mm f/2.0 Lens Camera And Photography Products Camera & Photo.

PENTAX Film Cameras eBay The Pentax ME is a very small SLR, smaller than even the eternal K1000, but it has a huge viewfinder. The Pentax ME is a much simpler version of the popular Pentax ME Super, not reviewed here. It has most of what you need, except it has: No depth-of-field preview button. No AE Lock (use the exposure compensation dial instead, or look at the meter and use the manual 1/100 setting). Battery Life: Rated 1 year or 10,000 shots (250 rolls). Size: 5.16 x 3.25 x 1.95" (131 x 82.5 x 49.5mm), rated. The frame counter is easy to read, with bold, clear white numbers. The finder of the Pentax ME is much bger than the finder of the Nikon D3X, the Nikon F6, or any Nikon SLR ever made. EXCELLENT+++ Pentax 67 6X7 Medium Format SLR Film Camera From JAPAN #. Pentax LX 35mm SLR Film Camera Body Only SN5242211 w/FA-1 Finder.


Pentax K1000 Camera with 50mm f/2.0 Lens Slr. The K1000 is an almost-all metal, mechaniy springs, gears, levers controlled, manual-focus SLR with manual-exposure control. It is completely operable.

Pentax ME Review - Ken Rockwell The Pentax ME is a classic late 1970's basic 35mm film SLR. Shutter-ready indicator red dot on top of camera below mode dial, turns black after being fired.

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